Most commercial firewalls only block incoming, they allow all outgoing and that is sometimes enough to get torrents working with minimal speed. If you need to block it, the best thing you can do is block all outgoing on the router, excluding items that are needed such as smtp, pop3, http, https.

Why to Block Torrent Sites Generally when you start downloading and eventually seeding a torrent you are connected to a swarm of other P2P users. People in the swarm can see your IP address as well as those who only joined the swarm to monitor torrent users. How to block P2P/Bittorrent from my router (D-Link Feb 19, 2008 How to block all torrent (P2P) traffic on my home router Jul 22, 2015 Top 25 Best Torrent Sites for July 2020 [Unblocked Torrenting] Jul 01, 2020

25 Best Torrent Websites in June 2020. In our selection, the authenticity of the torrent files listed, along with the safety of downloads, reliability of the listing directory, number of genuine torrents listed and the number of seeders were among the more important selection criteria we based our research on.

15 Best Torrent Sites in 2020 (Number of Torrents vs. Speed) Torrentz2. Torrentz2 is a popular torrent search engine that sprang up in 2016 when Torrentz shut …

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UnblockTorrent: Unblocked Torrent Sites and Torrent Proxy List Torrent sites are blocked all over the world by ISPs, companies and governments. Unblock the best torrent sites by using a fast torrent proxy. Find working proxies for … Block potentially unwanted applications with Microsoft® Jun 29, 2020 How to Block BitTorrent , Download-Mana - Cisco Community