Jun 09, 2020 · Switzerland Swiss Banking for US Citizens As an American Citizen you are perfectly entitled to open a bank or investment account in Switzerland. It is important to choose an advisor regulated by FINMA in Switzerland and registered with the SEC in The States, in order to be fully compliant in the US.

Who can open a bank account in Switzerland? Swiss banks are happy to have foreign residents as … Swiss Banks: The Ultimate Guide | Nomad Capitalist Feb 14, 2020 How to open a Swiss bank account: a guide | Expatica Jul 09, 2020

July 2020. Data by agencies and banks, subject to change. No responsibility can be taken for the correctness of the information. Comparison of the ratings assigned to Swiss banks by three major rating agencies: Standard & Poor’s, Moody’s and Fitch.

An overview of our bank accounts: Open a personal account or savings account online - in less than 12 minutes! Open an account: Select your bank account | UBS Switzerland Skip Links The following banks have stated that they offer certain banking services to US citizens and US-related persons resident in Switzerland. Some provide current accounts for receiving salaries and making payments only, others provide mortgages too and some will act as a custodian bank in connection with a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser only. Rothschild Bank AG – An independent Swiss bank specializing in private banking and asset management. The Bank is a part of Rothschild Group. Swiss Bankers Association – The leading site on swiss banking, finance, banking secrecy, private banking and etc. Swiss National Bank (SNB) – The central bank of Switzerland established in 1907. It

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May 28, 2020