Make sure, the 'out-of-order' frames aren't just duplicated frames, by checking the IP ID (try to find duplicate IP IDs). From packet-tcp.c: /* If the segment came <3ms since the segment with the highest * seen sequence number and it doesn't look like a retransmission * then it is an OUT-OF-ORDER segment.

Interesting Traces - Out of Order versus Retransmissions H:\>"C:\Program Files\Wireshark\tshark" -r trace-ooo.pcap -Y "tcp.analysis.out_of_order" 6907 0.269793 -> SMB [TCP Out-Of-Order] Write AndX Response, 65536 bytes 10521 0.413026 -> SMB [TCP Out-Of-Order] Write AndX Response, 65536 bytes 12492 0.489400 -> SMB [TCP Out-Of-Order] Write AndX Response, 65536 … SonicWALL Hidden Features and Configuration Options Mike Ratcliffe is a hard working, self motivated system administrator who adapts quickly to new technology, concepts and environments. With over a decade of experience in information technology and having held numerous titles and responsibilities throughout his career, he currently focuses on system administration of Microsoft Active Directory and related technologies, Microsoft Exchange as General Network Challenges, and IP/TCP/UDP Operations However, packets that arrive out of order typically inhibit network performance dramatically. For example, the TCP receiver could send duplicate ACKs to trigger the fast retransmit algorithm. The TCP sender, upon receiving the duplicate ACKs, assumes packets were lost in transit and reduces the TCP window size, which reduces the TCP throughput.

1 [TCP Previous segment not captured] 2 [TCP Dup ACK XXX#N] 3 [TCP Fast Retransmission] 4 [TCP Out-Of-Order] 5 [TCP Spurious Retransmission] 6 [TCP Retransmission] 7 【厳選 3 冊】パケットキャプチャを学ぶための本; 8 IT/インフラエンジニアの地位とスキル向上のために

A TCP sender can interpret an out-of-order segment delivery as a lost segment. If it does so, the TCP sender will retransmit the segment previous to the out-of-order packet and slow its data delivery rate for that connection. The duplicate-SACK option, an extension to the SACK option that was defined in May 2000 in RFC 2883, solves this problem ASA seems to be dropping valid TCP SYN - Cisco Community TCP Out-of-Order packet buffer full (tcp-buffer-full) 393. TCP Out-of-Order packet buffer timeout (tcp-buffer-timeout) 1538. TCP RST/SYN in window (tcp-rst-syn-in-win) 4228. TCP dup of packet in Out-of-Order queue (tcp-dup-in-queue) 500. TCP packet failed PAWS test (tcp-paws-fail) 23039. wireshark - Why TCP Out-Of-Order packet is seen after SYN

Out-of-Order Transmission for In-Order Arrival Scheduling

TCP out-of-order packet events - Network Analysis using Wireshark Cookbook. Another phenomenon that you will see in networks is previous segment loss and out-of-order segments. Another phenomenon that you will see in networks is previous segment loss and out-of-order segments. networking - What is 'TCP out-of-order' and 'TCP port 'TCP out-of-order' means that the packets aren't being received in the order that their sequence numbers indicate. It might be a side effect of the duplicate packet that's causing the reused port number error -- that may be resetting the sequence numbers back to the beginning of the connection. TCP out of order packets - Cisco Community