Sep 21, 2018 · >> the Stasi Archives, also on the same “campus” as the Stasi Museum. Public tours are available, and anybody can also do research into the archives there, be it into your own records, for historical research or as the media.

Tag: Stasi Records Lost and Found, or, Dresden on the Eve of Destruction November 14, 2011 August 15, 2018 by davidlangbart , posted in State and Foreign Affairs , World War II ×Images from the Secret Stasi Archives. First of all, I am dumping quite a lot of material here, not because this is the way I would present my work in a show, but rather since I think that is very important to make as much material accessible as possible. The commissioner for the Stasi archives, former East German dissident Roland Jahn, takes stock of the agency's work 20 years after it was founded. He spoke to Mario Dobovisek of public radio But a few days after demonstrators breached the Stasi front gate, the archives still hadn't been found. A citizen group coalesced, determined to track them down. Among the searchers was a 23-year

Nov 14, 2019 · Every document went into a personal Stasi file. So far, hundreds of millions of files, 39 million index cards, 1.75 million photographs, 2,800 reels of film and 28,400 audio recordings have been recovered from Stasi archives. Millions more were shredded before they could be made public.

Oct 26, 2017 · “The Stasi were like a vacuum cleaner”, hoovering up information on every aspect of life in the GDR, says Karsten Jedlitschka, a research manager at the archives. Less well known than the archives’ vast scale is the huge ongoing operation to regulate what information is released into the public domain. Aug 15, 2016 · Stasi Brothers, Stasi Definition, Stasi Eldredge, Stasi Museum, Stasi Movie, Stasi Bgc, Stasi Files, Stasi Uniform, Stasi Report, Stasi Prison, Stasi Agent, Stasi Archives, Stasi Ap Euro, Stasi Asphalt, Stasi Akten, Stasi Archives Berlin, Stasi Agents Today, Stassi Amazing Race, Stasi Article, Stasi And Gestapo, Stasi Brothers, Stasi Bgc, Stasi Berlin, Stasi Brothers Reviews, Stasi Brand

Oct 08, 2012 · Roland Jahn, federal commissioner of the Stasi archives, is a former dissident, jailed in the 1980s for supporting Poland's Solidarity movement. After the Berlin Wall fell, Jahn was the first East

BStU Stasi-Unterlagen-Archiv, Berlin, Germany. 6K likes. Das Stasi-Unterlagen-Archiv bewahrt die 1990 sichergestellten Unterlagen des Ministeriums für Staatssicherheit der DDR auf. Jan 09, 2015 · Stasi officers tried to destroy their files when the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, but they were saved by ordinary East German citizens who stormed the Stasi offices in the city of Erfurt to protect Nov 06, 2019 · It was only after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 that Regina Herrmann found in the Stasi archives documents in which the German Democratic Republic’s secret police instructed five Stasi Museum is a must see if you are even a little bit interested in the history of East Germany, the Cold War and the Iron Curtain. As it's pretty modern history, the building and the whole Stasi co