The form below allows you to submit a known-good domain to the suspicious domains allowlist. Your submission will be reviewed and approved for release. Please Contact Us if you feel you have special circumstances outside of the criteria listed below or have any problems with the form. There is a limit of 20 submissions per 24 hour period

How to Scan a Website for Malware and Fix Hacked Sites Dec 17, 2019 malware - Looking for URL Blacklists of Malicious Websites Is there a maintained list of URLs that contain malicious content. These URLs may be involved in Phishing, Scams, Viri, or other Malware. Please indicate in your answer if the list is freely distributed or if there is a cost associated with it. One list that I have found so far is also looked promising. There's no malware on my PC, so why does Google redirect Mar 19, 2019 Top and Well Known Malware Myths and Realities - Antivirus

How to Scan a Website for Malware and Fix Hacked Sites

Spamhaus BCL FAQs Spamhaus BGP feed Spamhaus BGPf FAQs Blog post on BGPf Datafeed Service: Spamhaus Botnet Controller List. The Spamhaus Botnet Controller List ("BCL") is a specialized subset of the Spamhaus Block List (SBL), an advisory "drop all traffic" list consisting of single IPv4 addresses, used by cybercriminals to control infected computers (bots).

Jul 01, 2020

List of well-known web sites that port scan their visitors May 30, 2020 malware - Are there faux/fake malicious websites to test Tests are typically done by finding a known malicious site and browsing to it while in a sandboxed environment. NSS labs used that technique for its recent tests this year, testing IE, Chrome, and Firefox. One of the sources of malicious URLs that NSS used was, which might serve as a something you could use in the same way, as long as you protect yourself. The Best Malware Removal and Protection Software for 2020 Jul 16, 2020