Solution: A. Verify the logon ID and password are correct. B. Make sure the Include Windows logon domain check box is unchecked in the Options tab of the dial-up connection’s Properties dialog box.

Windows 98 Dial-up Networking Errors - Tripod The modem is not installed or configured for Dial-Up Networking. To check your modem configuration, double click the Modems icon in Control Panel. This issue can … Fix PPP Error 718 - Method 3: Check your Dial-Up Networking Settings On your Windows XP computer, open Control Panel , click Network and Internet Connections , click Network Connections , and then double-click on your dial-up … Mifi 2200 - Error 691: Connection Failed - Access I have set up a Mifi 2200. It CAN work great. Intermittently though, I can't get connected wheen using the device as a USB modem. auto-configured a Dial Up Connection many times. 4. Replaced the USB to microUSB cable. I found the VZAccess Managers diagnostic tool where you press CTRL-D and enter the password diagvzw and see some additional

The specific problem that the original fix broke was when the parity had to be be switched during the dial up and connection process. So you want to make sure that you are dialing up the same place usong the same script.

Windows 7 Dial Up - Connection failed with error 621 Jul 24, 2012 Dial Up Error 691 - Q Support Re-enter both the username and password in the Dial-up settings section. Click OK, and OK again to save the changes. Windows 98. Open My Computer and double click Dial-Up Networking. Double click the Expedient connection icon. Note: If the computer starts to dial the connection, click Cancel. Then, click the Connections menu and select Settings.

MI router 3C error 691 Acess denied || FIX PPPoE couldn't

Nov 04, 2010 How To Fix The 691 Error In Windows XP - The 691 error in Windows XP is a dial-up connection error. It appears when you try to establish a dial-up connection for your network so you can access